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We are Pilchak & Cohen, P.C., a boutique labor and employment law firm, exclusively representing businesses and business owners.  We like to think of ourselves as the “Employers’ Lawyers.” Our philosophy is simple: No problem is too big and no client is too small.  With 89 years of combined experience in management-side labor and employment law and human resources, it is safe to say that we have seen just about every workplace problem and figured out how to solve it.

The Emplawyers’ Blawg On Everything That Matters is our first foray into the Blogosphere.  You might be wondering why, after all these years, would we decide to devote so much of our precious and valuable time to a blog.  Is it because writing and teaching is a big part of what we do?  Is it because we enjoy sharing our collective knowledge and experiences with others? Or, is it to get our message out to a wider audience, develop a following and establish relationships?  It’s probably all of the above.

If you are an HR professional, a business owner or executive, corporate counsel, a labor or employment lawyer, you may want to visit this blog periodically.  It will be informative and will discuss topics that do or should matter to you.  Of course, we will discuss new cases, new laws, and new assaults on businesses by unelected officials running government agencies. But, this blog is destined to be a whole lot more.  Much of what we will present will be opinionated and anecdotal and will come from four decades of experience.  There will be lessons learned from the trenches and time-tested strategies for protecting your businesses and clients.  Sprinkle in a little humor and satire and this blog has all the makings of something special.

Before we get going, we need to disclose a few things about ourselves that might either pique your interest or be such a turn off that you tune us out indefinitely.  We have rather conservative views on most issues.  We cannot tolerate what is going on in Washington DC and we watch Fox news. Oh, and by the way, we tend to tell it how it is. Now, if you can live with this, welcome.  If you cannot, there is always time for you to come around.