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By:  Bill Pilchak – 2/18/14

Crain’s Book of Lists was mailed to subscribers at the end of the year. I suspect most metro-Detroit business-people are interested in who appears in the Book.  I scan the lists every year.

Not that our firm would be listed.  Crain’s hasn’t taken my suggestion of adding a category for the Most Creative Management-Side Labor and Employment Law Firms.  Rather, I’m resigned to living vicariously and seeing which of our clients made Crain’s lists.  We are passionately committed to our clients, and we have the reaction of proud parents, well- at least proud family members- when they appear in such a prestigious publication.

We thought our “family” of clients would be interested in where our family of clients stand in the Book of Lists.

Among the “Private 200” largest privately owned companies, one client ranked in the top 10, two were in the 50-55th tier, with three others on the list.  So, our little firm of four attorneys represents 2.5% of the largest privately owned businesses in the area.  Not bad, when you consider the mega-firms on page 65, against whom we compete, employ nearly 2000 attorneys among them.

We were also pleased to see that we serve:

  • 3 of the top 5 engineering companies,
  • 2 of the 4 largest staffing companies
  • 2 of the top 10 information technology companies.

One client was mentioned in “World Watch” for their international endeavors in France (450 employees), Italy (330), Spain/Portugal (215) and Russia (20).

Other clients are:

  • One of the top 10 largest Wayne County Employers;
  • In the top three family-owned businesses;
  • Among the top 14 auto dealerships;
  • One of the 5 largest Native-American owned businesses;
  • On the list of largest Banks and Thrifts.
  • The operators of one of the top 10 meeting locations.

The interesting thing is:  Given my knowledge of other clients’ operations, I suspect that other Pilchak & Cohen clients qualify for the list, but do not choose to submit data to Crains.  I don’t know if that is for strategic reasons or lack of awareness that they qualify.  As any glance at my CV will prove, it takes very little effort to gain recognition, because so few strive.  But, that’s a subject for another blog column.  Nevertheless, readers, review Crains’ lists, this year, to see whether you might place.  Your customers, contacts and your attorneys will be excited to see your name in print.