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There is plenty for Pilchak & Cohen to be thankful for as we get ready to close the office this Thanksgiving Eve.  Let us take a moment to give thanks for the following professional parts of our lives:

* Dan and Bill are thankful for the piles of papers that grow on their desk each week, because each represents new assignments that our clients have sent over, and we hope for dismissals and resolutions that move those piles of papers into storage;

* Bill is thankful that Judge Annette Berry of the Wayne County Circuit Court dismissed the discrimination case filed by a steel foundry’s supervisor who refused to go to the medical facility after an on-site injury, and hopes that the company that just purchased the foundry is sufficiently impressed to continue using us as counsel;

* Our new attorney, Rob Dare, is thankful that he passed the bar examination and that he was smart enough to book a trip to Japan when the stars aligned and he found he had lodging and a local guide in the form of his best friend stationed there with the military;

* We are all thankful for our new tenants in our office building, property law and estate planning attorneys to whom we have already referred work;

* Dawn will be thankful when those tenants move in and all the phones and computers are working, because she has been working inordinate hours to prepare their space.

* Bill is thankful for the publication of his novel, and can’t wait until it becomes available to Southwest Airlines passengers, so that it might generate some meaningful revenue.

* We are always thankful that our clients are intelligent people, who understand the advice we give them.